12:00AUConsumer Inflation Expectations4.7%4%3.7%
12:30AUEmployment Change28.9K38.5K 16K
12:30AUFull Time Employment Chg-0.3K3.3K -8K
12:30AUUnemployment Rate5.1%5.2%5.2%
12:30AUParticipation Rate66%66%66%
12:30AUPart Time Employment Chg29.2K35.1K 24K
04:30JPAll Industry Activity Index MoM0.9%-4.8% 1.2%
05:00JPLeading Economic Index Final90.891.690.9
05:00JPCoincident Index Final94.795.395.1
07:00TRConsumer Confidence58.858.857.7
07:30IDInterest Rate Decision5%5%5%
07:30IDLending Facility Rate5.75%5.75%5.75%
07:30IDDeposit Facility Rate4.25%4.25%4.25%
10:00FR3-Year BTAN Auction-0.53%-0.58%
10:00FR5-Year BTAN Auction-0.38%-0.49%
10:00ES3-Year Bonos Auction-0.236%-0.391%
11:00TRMPC Meeting Summary
24:45EADeposit Facility Rate-0.5%-0.5%-0.5%
24:45EAECB Interest Rate Decision0%0%0%
24:45EAMarginal Lending Rate0.25%0.25%0.25%
13:00RUIndustrial Production YoY2.1%0.3%1.1%
13:10BRBusiness Confidence65.364.365
13:30BRFederal Tax RevenuesBRL147.5BBRL125.161B BRL 144B
13:30EAECB Press Conference
13:30USInitial Jobless Claims211K205K 212K
13:30USContinuing Jobless Claims1731K1768K 1759K
13:40ARConsumer Confidence4342.441.8
15:00EAConsumer Confidence Flash-8.1-7.4
15:30USEIA Natural Gas Stocks Change-109Bcf
16:00USEIA Crude Oil Stocks Change-2.549M
16:00USEIA Gasoline Stocks Change6.678M
16:00USEIA Distillate Stocks Change8.171M
16:00USEIA Heating Oil Stocks Change-0.168M
16:00USEIA Distillate Fuel Production Change-0.105M
16:00USEIA Gasoline Production Change0.394M
16:00USEIA Crude Oil Imports Change-0.595M
16:00USEIA Cushing Crude Oil Stocks Change0.342M
16:00USEIA Refinery Crude Runs Change0.076M
16:00USKansas Fed Manufacturing Index-7-10
16:30US4-Week Bill Auction1.505%
19:00ARBalance of Trade$2445M$ 1800M
19:00AREconomic Activity YoY-0.9%-1.5%
19:00ARRetail Sales YoY59.1%55%
22:00AUCommBank Manufacturing PMI Flash49.249
22:00AUCommBank Services PMI Flash49.849.6
22:00AUCommBank Composite PMI Flash49.649.3
23:30JPInflation Rate YoY0.5%0.5%
23:30JPCore Inflation Rate YoY0.5%0.6%
23:30JPInflation Rate MoM0.2%0.2%
23:50JPBoJ Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes
12:30JPJibun Bank Manufacturing PMI Flash48.448.6
12:30JPJibun Bank Services PMI Flash49.449.8
12:30JPJibun Bank Composite PMI Flash48.649.2
08:00ESPPI YoY-2.3%-1.6%
08:15FRMarkit Manufacturing PMI Flash50.450.5
08:15FRMarkit Services PMI Flash52.452.1
08:15FRMarkit Composite PMI Flash52.051.8
08:30DEMarkit Manufacturing PMI Flash43.744.2
08:30DEMarkit Services PMI Flash52.952.8
08:30DEMarkit Composite PMI Flash50.250.6
09:00EAMarkit Manufacturing PMI Flash46.346.9
09:00EAMarkit Services PMI Flash52.852.9
09:00EAMarkit Composite PMI Flash50.951.1
09:30GBMarkit/CIPS Manufacturing PMI Flash47.548.4
09:30GBMarkit/CIPS UK Services PMI Flash5050.7
09:30GBMarkit/CIPS Composite PMI Flash49.350.2
10:30EAECB President Lagarde Speech
11:30INForeign Exchange Reserves$461.21B
24:00MXEconomic Activity YoY-0.8%0.3%
13:00RUPPI YoY-6.3%-4.6%
13:00RUPPI MoM-0.8%
13:30CARetail Sales MoM-1.2%0.4%
13:30CARetail Sales YoY-0.6%1%
13:30CARetail Sales Ex Autos MoM-0.5%-0.3%
14:45USMarkit Services PMI Flash52.852.7
14:45USMarkit Composite PMI Flash52.752.2
14:45USMarkit Manufacturing PMI Flash52.452.2
18:00BRNet Payrolls99.232K-300K
18:00USBaker Hughes Oil Rig Count673
18:00USBaker Hughes Total Rig Count796
07:00TRCapacity Utilization77%
07:00TRBusiness Confidence103.6101.9
09:00DEIfo Business Climate96.396.7
09:30GBUK Finance Mortgage Approvals43.7K42.5K
11:00FRUnemployment Benefit Claims-27.8K-4K
11:00FRJobseekers Total3302.9K3298.9K
11:30BRBCB Focus Market Readout
24:00MXRetail Sales YoY0.4%2.8%
24:00MXRetail Sales MoM-2.3%1%
24:30BRCurrent Account$-2.164B$-7.1B
24:30BRForeign Direct Investment$6.99B$5.3B
14:00FR3-Month BTF Auction-0.580%
14:00FR12-Month BTF Auction-0.576%
14:00FR6-Month BTF Auction-0.576%
15:00USNew Home Sales MoM1.3%-0.8%
15:00USNew Home Sales0.719M0.713M
15:30USDallas Fed Manufacturing Index-3.2-8
16:30US6-Month Bill Auction1.52%
16:30US3-Month Bill Auction1.53%
18:00US2-Year Note Auction1.653%
18:00US5-Year Note Auction1.756%
12:30AUNAB Business Confidence01
08:00ESUnemployment Rate13.92%13.80%
09:30IDCar Sales YoY-9.9%7.3%
10:45GB10-Year Treasury Gilt Auction0.794%
11:00GBCBI Distributive Trades0-4
24:00MXBalance of Trade$0.79B$0.5B
13:00RUUnemployment Rate4.6%4.6%
13:00RURetail Sales YoY2.3%2.5%
13:00RUReal Wage Growth YoY3.8%4.2%
13:30SAPrivate Bank Lending YoY4.8%3.0%
13:30SAM3 Money Supply YoY5.2%4.8%
13:30USDurable Goods Orders MoM-2%-0.5%
13:30USDurable Goods Orders Ex Transp MoM0%-0.2%
13:30USDurable Goods Orders ex Defense MoM0.8%-0.3%
13:55USRedbook MoM0%
13:55USRedbook YoY5.3%
14:00USS&P/Case-Shiller Home Price YoY2.2%2.6%
14:00USS&P/Case-Shiller Home Price MoM0.1%
15:00RUGDP YoY1.6%1.5%
15:00USRichmond Fed Manufacturing Index-5-12
16:30US52-Week Bill Auction1.550%
18:00US7-Year Note Auction1.835%
21:00KRConsumer Confidence100.4101
21:30USAPI Crude Oil Stock Change1.6M
23:50JPBoJ Summary of Opinions
12:30AUInflation Rate YoY1.7%1.8%
12:30AUInflation Rate QoQ0.5%0.6%
12:30AUWestpac Leading Index MoM-0.09%-0.2%
12:30AURBA Trimmed Mean CPI YoY1.6%1.7%
05:00JPConsumer Confidence39.140.1
06:00IDForeign Direct Investment YoY17.8%9.5%
07:00DEGfK Consumer Confidence9.69.5
07:00TREconomic Confidence Index93.893.2
07:00GBNationwide Housing Prices YoY1.4%1.1%
07:00GBNationwide Housing Prices MoM0.1%
07:45FRConsumer Confidence102101
08:00ESRetail Sales MoM0.5%0.2%
08:00ESRetail Sales YoY2.9%1.9%
09:00EALoans to Households YoY3.5%3.6%
09:00EALoans to Companies YoY3.4%
09:00EAM3 Money Supply YoY5.6%5.7%
09:00ITBusiness Confidence99.1
09:00ITConsumer Confidence110.8
10:00ITPPI MoM-0.2%
10:00ITPPI YoY-2.5%0.5%
10:40DE5-Year Bobl Auction-0.60%
10:45IT6-Month BOT Auction-0.221%
24:00USMBA 30-Year Mortgage Rate3.87%
24:00USMBA Mortgage Applications-1.2%
24:30BRBank Lending MoM1.1%0.7%
13:30USGoods Trade Balance Adv$-62.99B$-68.1B
13:30USWholesale Inventories MoM Adv-0.1%-0.2%
15:00USPending Home Sales YoY1.9%
15:30USEIA Gasoline Stocks Change
15:30USEIA Crude Oil Stocks Change
15:30USEIA Distillate Stocks Change
15:30USEIA Refinery Crude Runs Change
15:30USEIA Cushing Crude Oil Stocks Change
15:30USEIA Crude Oil Imports Change
15:30USEIA Gasoline Production Change
15:30USEIA Distillate Fuel Production Change
15:30USEIA Heating Oil Stocks Change
19:00USFed Interest Rate Decision1.75%1.75%
19:30USFed Press Conference
21:00KRBusiness Confidence7475
23:50JPStock Investment by Foreigners¥263.8B
23:50JPForeign Bond Investment¥175.1B
12:30AUExport Prices QoQ1.3%-0.4%
12:30AUImport Prices QoQ0.4%-0.6%
06:00ZAM3 Money Supply YoY7.35%
06:00ZAPrivate Sector Credit YoY6.6%6.8%
07:00DEUnemployment Rate Harmonised3.1%3%
07:00DEImport Prices MoM0.5%
07:00DEImport Prices YoY-2.1%
07:30TRCBRT Inflation Report
08:55DEUnemployment Change8K
08:55DEUnemployment Rate5%5%
09:00ITUnemployment Rate9.7%9.6%
09:30ZAPPI MoM-0.3%0.2%
09:30ZAPPI YoY2.3%3.0%
10:00EABusiness Confidence-0.25-0.28
10:00EAConsumer Confidence Final-8.1-7.4
10:00EAEconomic Sentiment101.5100.9
10:00EAUnemployment Rate7.5%7.5%
10:00EAIndustrial Sentiment-9.3-9.6
10:00EAServices Sentiment11.410.5
10:00EAConsumer Inflation Expectations20.520.6
10:45IT5-Year BTP Auction0.61%
10:45IT10-Year BTP Auction1.35%
11:30ESBusiness Confidence-1.9
24:00MXGDP Growth Rate YoY Prel-0.3%0.1%
24:00MXGDP Growth Rate QoQ Prel0%0.6%
24:00GBBoE Interest Rate Decision0.75%0.75%
24:00GBMPC Meeting Minutes
24:00GBBoE Quantitative Easing£435B£435B
24:00GBBoE MPC Vote Hike0/90/9
24:00GBBoE MPC Vote Unchanged7/96/9
24:00GBBoE MPC Vote Cut2/93/9
24:00GBBoE Inflation Report
13:00DEInflation Rate YoY Prel1.5%1.4%
13:00DEInflation Rate MoM Prel0.5%-0.9%
13:00DEHarmonised Inflation Rate MoM Prel0.6%-1.1%
13:00DEHarmonised Inflation Rate YoY Prel1.5%1.4%
13:00RUCorporate ProfitsRUB13.0T
13:30CAAverage Weekly Earnings YoY3.3%
13:30USGDP Growth Rate QoQ Adv2.1%2.1%
13:30USGDP Price Index QoQ Adv1.7%
13:30USInitial Jobless Claims232K
13:30USContinuing Jobless Claims1731K1705K
15:30USEIA Natural Gas Stocks Change
16:30US4-Week Bill Auction
21:00MXFiscal BalanceMXN-13.12BMXN -280B
23:00KRIndustrial Production YoY-0.3%1%
23:00KRIndustrial Production MoM-0.5%2.2%
23:00KRRetail Sales YoY3.7%2.7%
23:00KRRetail Sales MoM3%0.7%
23:00KRManufacturing Production YoY-0.1%0.9%
23:00KRConstruction Output YoY-4.7%-3%
23:30JPUnemployment Rate2.2%2.3%
23:30JPJobs/applications ratio1.571.57
23:30JPTokyo CPI YoY0.9%0.9%
23:50JPRetail Sales YoY-2.1%-4.4%
23:50JPIndustrial Production MoM Prel-1%1.5%
23:50JPRetail Sales MoM4.5%0.7%
23:50JPIndustrial Production YoY Prel-8.2%-4.2%
12:01GBGfk Consumer Confidence-11-14
12:30AUPPI QoQ0.4%0.5%
12:30AUPPI YoY1.6%1.7%
12:30AUPrivate Sector Credit YoY2.3%0.2%
12:30AUPrivate Sector Credit MoM0.1%2.8%
01:00CNNBS Manufacturing PMI50.251.1
01:00CNNon Manufacturing PMI53.552.5
03:00IDM2 Money Supply YoY7.1%6.9%
05:00JPHousing Starts YoY-12.7%-1.2%
05:00JPConstruction Orders YoY-1.2%-2%
06:30FRGDP Growth Rate QoQ Prel0.3%0.2%
07:00DERetail Sales MoM2.1%0.6%
07:00DERetail Sales YoY2.8%0.9%
07:00TRBalance of Trade$-2.23B$ -0.4B
07:00TRTourism Revenues$14B$10.15B
07:45FRInflation Rate YoY Prel1.5%1.3%
07:45FRInflation Rate MoM Prel0.4%-0.6%
07:45FRHousehold Consumption MoM0.1%0.7%
07:45FRPPI MoM1.1%
07:45FRHarmonised Inflation Rate MoM Prel0.5%-0.6%
07:45FRHarmonised Inflation Rate YoY Prel1.6%1.6%
08:00ESGDP Growth Rate QoQ Flash0.4%0.3%
08:00ESGDP Growth Rate YoY Flash1.8%
08:00ESInflation Rate YoY Prel0.8%0.9%
08:00ESInflation Rate MoM Prel-0.1%-1.2%
08:00ESHarmonised Inflation Rate YoY Prel0.8%0.9%
08:00ESHarmonised Inflation Rate MoM Prel-0.1%-1.6%
08:00TRTourist Arrivals YoY11.41%
09:00ITGDP Growth Rate QoQ Adv0.1%0.1%
09:00ITGDP Growth Rate YoY Adv0.3%0.2%
09:00ESCurrent Account€2.83B€2.2B
09:30GBBoE Consumer Credit£0.563B£ 0.89B
09:30GBMortgage Approvals64.99K66.8K
09:30GBMortgage Lending£4.05B£3.0B
10:00EAGDP Growth Rate QoQ Flash0.2%0.2%
10:00EAGDP Growth Rate YoY Flash1.2%1.0%
10:00EAInflation Rate YoY Flash1.3%1.3%
10:00EACore Inflation Rate YoY Flash1.3%1.2%
11:30INInfrastructure Output YoY-1.5%-3.2%
11:30INDeposit Growth YoY9.8%
11:30INForeign Exchange Reserves
11:30INGovernment Budget ValueINR-8078BINR-7620B
11:30INBank Loan Growth YoY7.6%
24:00BRUnemployment Rate11.2%11.7%
24:00INFiscal Year GDP Growth Final6.8%5%
24:00ZABalance of TradeZAR6.1BZAR 20.2B
24:30BRNominal Budget BalanceBRL-53.2BBRL -56B
13:00RUM2 Money Supply YoY9.6%
13:30CAGDP MoM-0.1%0.1%
13:30CAPPI MoM0.1%0%
13:30CAPPI YoY-0.4%0.3%
13:30CARaw Materials Prices MoM1.5%
13:30CARaw Materials Prices YoY9.3%
13:30USPersonal Income MoM0.5%0.4%
13:30USPersonal Spending MoM0.4%0.5%
13:30USPCE Price Index MoM0.2%
13:30USPCE Price Index YoY1.5%1.2%
13:30USEmployment Cost Index QoQ0.7%0.8%
13:30USCore PCE Price Index MoM0.1%
13:30USCore PCE Price Index YoY1.6%1.5%
14:45USChicago PMI48.948.2
15:00USMichigan Consumer Expectations Final88.988.3
15:00USMichigan 5 Year Inflation Expectations Final2.2%2.5%
15:00USMichigan Current Conditions Final115.5115.8
15:00USMichigan Inflation Expectations Final2.3%2.5%
15:00USMichigan Consumer Sentiment Final99.399.1
16:00CABudget BalanceC$-3.25BC$-3.6B
18:00USBaker Hughes Oil Rig Count
18:00USBaker Hughes Total Rig Count
12:00KRBalance of Trade$2.02B
12:00KRExports YoY-5.2%
12:00KRImports YoY-0.7%